Samantha H

I hope you are having a great day. My name is Samantha and I work with Joshua B. on Wednesday 4:30 session.

Over the past several weeks of riding classes, I have noticed a difference in Josh.  When he first started riding he used to bounce often while riding the horse and was all around rough.  Over the past few weeks he has become more gentle and less aggressive.  He would also ask me to hold my hand on his back and does not ask anymore.  He has also improved with his walking and does not walk on his toes as much especially with shoes on.

During the first few riding sessions, he had a hard time with directions (left and right) and now he demonstrates an understanding of direction both verbally and motions.     I have noticed that we have a stronger connection by sharing something that is a very unique development activity apart from every day learning which could help out even sibling/parents.  It is very important for individuals to feel loved and supported while reaching goals and the team at Horses for Hope does a great job at doing so. From the horse leads, groomers, and trainers, they all play an important part in making this atmosphere very welcoming to anyone.

Thank you so much for all that you do!