Meet Our Horses


DOB: 1/10/10 Joined the Herd: 12/31/15 Breed: Morgan cross Sex: Mare Color: Sorrel Angel is used in Western, English and Jumping lessons.


DOB: 1/01/10 Joined the Herd: 2014 Breed: Miniature Horse Sex: Gelding Color: Blue Roan Bandit’s previous owner donated him to Horses for Hope so he could help people. He is used for camps and in our 4-H program.


DOB: 12/1/04 Joined the Herd: 12/1/18 Breed: Grade Appendix Sex: Gelding Color: Bay Bo was purchase at auction in December 2018.  He is a sweet horse and is for more our advanced riders.


Bobo was donated to HfH in 2019.  He is a spotted draft cross rescue and the biggest sweet heart around who loves to be groomed.  Bobo does have an issue with his airway and will tire easy when ridden for long periods.  If you would like to sponsor this big guy please go to our […]


Chip was purchased at auction March 2022.  He was a little thin so we are working on fattening him up.  We don’t know any history on him other than he was a trail horse at one time.


DOB: 5/01/99 Joined the Herd: 2004 Breed: Miniature Horse Sex: Gelding Color: Sorrel Clay was one of the first miniature horses at Horses for Hope.  Clay helped a little girl learn to read and to not be so shy!  He would stand and listen to her read while she sat on a blanket beside him.  He is used […]


DOB: 1/1/2013 Joined the Herd: 2016 Breed: Miniature Horse Sex: Gelding Color: Buttermilk Buckskin Cooper was a rescue in reverse!  This miniature horse was extremely obese when he came to us in the summer of 2016.  In the first picture below you can see the wrinkles in his neck slightly turned – he was so fat he […]


DOB: 5/01/92 Joined the Herd: 1992 Breed: Quarter Pony Sex: Gelding Color: Sorrel with Blue Eyes Diablo was born at Horses for Hope and Sox is his sire.  He was our second therapy horse. Diablo is used for Western, English and Therapeutic lessons.


DOB: 1/01/2009 Joined the Herd: 2016 Breed: Miniature Horse Sex: Gelding Color: Appaloosa Domino is a large miniature horse. Do you see how he got his name? He is used for our 4-H and camp programs.


DOB: 1/1/2002 Joined the Herd: December 2017 Breed: Quarter Horse Sex: Mare Color: Bay Ellie was was previously a ranch horse and came to us from Alabama.  She is a beautiful bay with a bald face and 4 white socks.  She is used in Western, English, Jumping and Therapeutic lessons.  


DOB: 1/1/2004 Joined the Herd: 2008 Breed: Quarter Pony Sex: Gelding Color: Light Palomino Hank is one of our best lesson ponies and is the favorite of many riders! He is used in Western, English, Jumping and Therapeutic lessons.


DOB: 5/30/08 Joined the Herd: 9/2/20 Breed: Grade QH Sex: Mare Color: Palomino The acquisition of Jingle was a joint effort – Capital City Clauses donated $2500 towards her purchase and the Sellers donated the balance of her price.  She was named Jingle (as in Jingle Bells) to keep the Christmas name theme that Capital […]


Lady was purchased at auction in March 2022.  We were told she was a camp horse and did mostly trail rides. She is an older red dun mare.  


DOB: 1/01/10 Joined the Herd: 2013 Breed: Miniature Horse Sex: Gelding Color: Sorrel blanket appaloosa Mikey is a large miniature horse. He is used for 4-H and our camp program.


Mocha was purchased at auction in March 2022.  She has an interesting coloration – a chocolate colored line-backed dun.  We don’t know much history about her but she seems to have more training than Chip.


DOB: 1/01/02 Joined the Herd: 07/19/18 Breed: Pony cross Sex: Gelding Color: Black & White Oreo is a cute black and white pony! His former owners outgrew him and we are happy to have him here at Horses for Hope. He’s a been there, done that, laid back, trustworthy pony. Oreo is used for our […]


DOB: 1/01/10 Joined the Herd: 2014 Breed: Minature Horse Sex: Gelding Color: Leopard Appaloosa Pongo is a miniature Appaloosa gelding who was donated to us in 2014.  He is friendly and likes to meet people! Pongo is a part of our camps and the 4-H program. Check out Pongo’s spots in this photo!


DOB: 5/11/10 Joined the Herd: 2014 Breed: Miniature Horse Sex: Gelding Color: Buckskin and White Paint Prince is a miniature horse who is used in our camp and 4-H programs. He has really responded well to the additional training with the 4-H members.


DOB: 7/01/03 Joined the Herd: 2004 Sex: Gelding Breed: Miniature Horse Sergeant, Clay, and Shamu were the first miniature horses at Horses for Hope. The others were adults but Sergeant was only 4 months old when he came to live here. He’s used for 4-H and in our camp program.


DOB: 1/1/2007 Joined the Herd: 2015 Breed: Paint Cross Sex: Mare Color: White/Grey Shiloh is an all around horse. She is used in Western, English, Jumping and Therapeutic riding lessons.


DOB: 4/11/99 Joined the Herd: 2000 Breed: Quarter Horse (AQHA) Sex: Mare Color: Sorrel Sienna was the third therapy horse at Horses for Hope.  She is also the dam of Gunner and Stormy. Sienna is used in Western, English, Cross Rails and Therapeutic Riding lessons.


DOB: 4/11/06 Joined the Herd: April 2011 Breed: Quarter Horse (AQHA) Sex: Gelding Color: Bay When Snickers came to Horses for Hope in 2011 he was nearly starved to death.  We had to re-feed him gradually to safely bring him back up to a healthy weight. Today Snickers is used in Western, English, Jumping, and Therapeutic Riding lessons. You can see Snickers’ […]