Board of Directors

Current Board (2024 )

Eric Trever-Roberts – President

Anthony Frisina – Vice President

Cindy LaChance – Treasurer

Lauren Daniels – Secretary

Dawn Deuel – Member at Large

Whitney Potts – Member at Large

Christina Campbell – Member at Large

Interested in joining us?

Our organization’s Board of Directors is by and large responsible for making sure the CEO is establishing, effective and financially sound operations  to support the organization’s mission.

  • A “working board” is a governance setting where board members perform not only their fiduciary and strategic duties, but also partner with staff to fulfill management and technical functions. This may include helping fundraise, attending occasional organization and volunteer events, and leading others under your focus area to achieve organization objectives.
  • Understand what it means to serve on a nonprofit’s Board of Directors. Refer to these resources for further information:
    Council of Nonprofits – Board Roles and Responsibilities
    Board Effect – Top 10 Duties of Nonprofit Board Members

Each Director is expected to provide encouragement, direction, attend and participation in board and committee meetings, fundraising activities, and special events.

The Board of Directors encourages members who embrace, advocate for and value diversity, equity and inclusion.

Interested in applying for a volunteer position on our Board of Directors? Send your resume to

General Expectations

  • Each member is asked to make a personal financial donation to Horses for Hope every year in an amount that fits into their budget, whether that involves a monthly donation, or donating at a time throughout the year that’s convenient for you.
  • All members must participate in fundraising campaigns and events – at least 2 a year.
  • Participate in orientation and trainings given to volunteers and/or staff to gain experience and knowledge of our operations.
  • Participate in discussing budget needs for the next fiscal year.
  • Work with all members and the CEO to collect and compile information to disseminate organization’s news, information, and stories.
  • Report to the board on your committee’s decisions and recommendations.
  • Report to the President any situations where you are unable to carry through with your task and/or duties.
Roles of the Board

A nonprofit corporation is governed by a board of directors that, as a group, is ultimately responsible for the management and direction of the corporation. The board’s roles include, but are not limited to, oversight, and certainly not just financial oversight. Oversight should also include reviews and assessments of the nonprofit’s mission, vision, values, programs and programmatic impact, legal compliance, governance and other policies, board performance, executive performance, and external environment (e.g., legal/policy environment, physical environment, allies, donors/funders/supporters, vendors, online/social media). In addition, the board should actively participate and engage in planning and directing the nonprofit’s future course. Further, the board should act to protect the nonprofit’s charitable assets from diversion, misuse, attack, or waste, through policies, enforcement, and accountability. (NEO Law Group)

Time Commitment and Schedule

Length of Board Term: Terms last 1-2 years. Board members may be re-elected at the end of their term.

Time Commitment: Board members should expect to volunteer about 15-20 hours a month. That time is spent:

  • Attending a monthly board meeting
  • Chairing, co-chairing, or participating on a board committee
  • Participate in fundraising events
  • Help during volunteer events working to complete tasks especially any that support your committee’s projects
  • Working to complete tasks and achieve goals in a timely manner on your schedule.
Board Committees:
  • Meet as needed, preferably 1x/month or more
  • If you don’t register to be a part of a committee, we will assign you one.
Communication Expectations:
  • Inform the President if you will be absent from duties for more than a week.
  • Board members need to check their HfH email regularly.

Board Meetings and Other Important Dates

Board Meetings

Meetings are currently held the first Saturday of each month from 3-5 PM, usually at Chris’ House. Dates may change if there is a conflict with a holiday or special event. On occasion, member can attend meetings virtually. Each member is granted full respect and allowed to share. If drama or other shenanigans is brought to the meeting, it could result in immediate removal from the board.

Important Dates

  • Committee meetings (scheduled as needed per committee)
  • Fundraising Events TBD
  • We S’more You More Than You Know for volunteers and sponsors TBD
  • 9/11 Weekend of Service and Remembrance: We remember and honor with service as a partner with Activate Good
  • Monthly Workdays (usually 2nd Saturday of each month – signup has dates)