Lauren Kovacs

  • “I have had Multiple Sclerosis for half my life.  For years it was relatively calm and I was able to dance, participate in sports and have three sons.  However, in the last five years it has been a real monster.  It robbed me of my balance, among other things.

    I have done therapeutic riding for years.  It works core muscles you didn’t even know you had.  Core muscles are not abdominal muscle.  Core muscles are much harder to work than abdominal muscles.  Horseback riding works them without you really knowing it.

    Therapeutic riding helps tell your brain what a normal human gait should feel like.  This is very important as the MS continues to rob me of balance.  Walkers, wheelchairs and horses are essential.

    I can feel the days I might miss a lesson.  I am more wobbly during seasons where riding is not possible.   Heat is bad for MS patients and well, no one likes riding in rain.   I always feel better on days after a session, even if I am very sore.    Riding is exercise, hard exercise.

    The farm is calming.  The horses are fabulous for therapy.  It is spiritual in a way.  It also gives me something to look forward to.  Even with all the limitations I live with, horseback riding is something I can do.

    It gets me out of the house and doing something for myself.  As a mom, my focus and any energy I have goes to my family.  It is a wonderful break from being the mom of three boys with school, soccer, church, Boy Scouts and other life commitments.

    The benefits are many.  They are somehow molded for each rider.   We all have different reasons for therapy riding, but they are all essential to each of us.  Even a nuzzle from a horse can make your day.”

    Lauren Kovacs
    40 year old MS patient