4-H Meeting

Our 4-H meeting this month is August 19th at 6 PM. We have a special guest, Jill McKenzie, joining us. We are going to be working with the minis on Trail Class and trying some obstacles. It’s going to be an exciting meeting!

Please remember that for your safety everyone at Horses for Hope needs to have closed boots or shoes.

You will probably want to wear insect repellant. Parents, there’s no seating at the roundpen so please bring a chair if you’d like.

We will be meeting in the roundpen and parking in the lower pasture. I’ll have the entrance marked with a balloon.

4-H Meeting

The next Horses for Hope 4-H Club meeting will be held on February 18th at 6:30 PM at Miss Kim’s farm.¬† 4-H is for all youth ages 5-18 and we¬†welcome new members any time.