Thank you Triangle Equipment Co.

We would like to express a heartfelt thank you to Greg Joyner and all of Triangle Equipment Co. Greg and team were gracious enough to let Horses for Hope demo one of their Bobcats for a brief period of time.  Because of their generosity we were able to give our facility a much needed face lift by re-working the compost piles, grading some areas with severe drainage problems and improving our training area.  Our facility looks so much better now!

This generous gift has allowed us to not only improve our facility but it also helped us to realize how much we really need one of these machines.  We are starting a fundraising effort to make this possible.  Horses for Hope is looking forward to doing business with Greg in the future and cannot recommend Triangle Equipment Co. highly enough for equipment rental and purchase needs.  Thank you again, you are absolutely great to work with.

Please take a moment and visit our partner at

Volunteering Update – January 2017

If your passion is horses, children, or helping special needs families – then let us fuel your passion.

Seasonal Therapeutic Riding Volunteers

Help 1 day a week ~60 minutes for 10 weeks.

Our TR program is 100% volunteer based. Without volunteers we have no way to support our special needs families with FREE Spring and Fall therapeutic riding!

  • Horse leaders: We need people ages 15+ EXPERIENCED in handling horses to be a horse leader for our Therapeutic Riding sessions. New horse leaders MUST train with us. See our calendar for announced training dates. Email Gwen for more info (
  • Side-walkers: ages 15+ to walk beside our TR riders providing support and direction. Email Julia (
  • Groomers: younger ages require parental supervision. We need groomers all year. Email Julia (

If you wish to volunteer, please email Julia for the volunteer forms and complete our online registration for volunteers at: Horses For Hope – Volunteer Intake Form to let us know what days and times you can commit to serving. Please only mark the days and times you want to volunteer. (if the form doesn’t work, please let Julia know)

Year-Round Volunteering Opportunities

  • Groomers: younger ages accepted dependent on child and Gwen. We need groomers all year. Email Julia (
  • Feeders: Feeders are needed every day – early mornings and early evenings. We will train. This requires a commitment, as it is no matter the weather the horses depend on us for feed and water. Must be 15 or older. Anyone younger will have to work with an adult. Teams are encouraged. Email Gwen for more info (
  • Barn Clean-up & Maintenance: We are always looking for people to poop scoop or help maintain the property and trails. Email Julia for more info (

Committees, Fundraising, Marketing

Help us to grow Horses for Hope by serving as committee members, fundraising help, marketing, grant writers, certified accountants etc., to volunteer time and services. If interested, please Email Gwen for more info (


DOB: 4/11/99

Joined the Herd: 2000

Breed: Quarter Horse (AQHA)

Sex: Mare

Color: Sorrel

Sienna was the third therapy horse at Horses for Hope.  She is also the dam of Gunner and Stormy. Sienna is used in Western, English, Cross Rails and Therapeutic Riding lessons.


DOB: 1/1/2004

Joined the Herd: 2008

Breed: Quarter Pony

Sex: Gelding

Color: Light Palomino

Hank is one of our best lesson ponies and is the favorite of many riders! He is used in Western, English, Jumping and Therapeutic lessons.


DOB: 1/1/2007

Joined the Herd: 2015

Breed: Paint Cross

Sex: Mare

Color: White/Grey

Shiloh is an all around horse. She is used in Western, English, Jumping and Therapeutic riding lessons.


DOB: 1/01/2009

Joined the Herd: 2016

Breed: Miniature Horse

Sex: Gelding

Color: Appaloosa

Domino is a large miniature horse. Do you see how he got his name? He is used for our 4-H and camp programs.


DOB: 1/01/10

Joined the Herd: 2014

Breed: Miniature Horse

Sex: Gelding

Color: Blue Roan

Bandit’s previous owner donated him to Horses for Hope so he could help people. He is used for camps and in our 4-H program.